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What is the Paper Basket?
...... The basket is a container shaped like a rectangular solid folded from a square sheet of paper.

Folding of the Basket  top
....... Take a sheet of paper of the size A4 (8 1/2" x 11"). Paper used for ink jet printers will do. 
Fold the upper half down on the red line. 

... Cut off the lower strip.

... The result is a square. 

... Fold downwards on the red line.

The result is a rectangle.

... Fold downwards on the red line and backwards on the blue line.
The result is a triangle.
...(red-valley, blue-mountain)

...... Turn the paper 90 degrees and open it. The thumbs must be inside. Lay the upper and the lower parts on each other.

The result is a square.

... Fold the upper sheet on the red line and refold. 

The centre of the square is marked.

... Fold upwards on the red line. 

...... Roll the strip upwards (green), press the roll flat, when it has reached the upper triangle. (If you have no practise, you should pre-fold by several halvings.) 

... Turn the paper over.

There is a free square. 

... Repeat the steps 8 and 9.

... Fold the upper right layer on the red line to the left. 

There is a square again.

... Fold upwards to the centre three times on the red lines.

There are three triangles meeting in the centre. 

...... Fold upwards a rectangle on the red line, thus cover the meeting place of the three triangles. 

... Turn over the paper. 

... Fold the upper right layer on the red line to the left. 

There is a square again.

...... Fold three times on the red line. Three triangles meet. Cover the meeting point by folding upwards on the red line.

...... Turn the nearly finished basket 90 degrees, open it and form a container. 

The container becomes a basket, if you form a handle.
...... Cut a handle from the strip of step 2. It is best to make two layers. 
Fasten the ends of the strip by pushing them under the rolls of step 9/11. You can carefully unroll them for a moment. 
It is more elegant, if you already roll the strip together with the triangles in step 9 and 11. But I prefer the way described above because the strips become disturb afterwards. 

Some Mathematics top
...... If you unfold the paper basket, you get a square with the pattern on the left. It is coloured so that you can recognize the inner side of the basket in white. 

The basket is the half of a cube. 

If the side of the square has the length a, the edge of the cube is sqrt(2)/4*a. This is about 0,35*a.

Paper Basket on the Internet   top


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References  top
Joachim Schönherr: Wir falten und falzen, Leipzig 1990
Therese Mielhaht: Origami - Spaß mit Papierfalten, Köln 1990

Comments    top
The paper basket belongs to the classic paper foldings like the paper boat, the paper pigeon, the fortune teller, the paper purse, the paper cup and the magic bag.

In all cases you start with rectangles and you get figures without cutting or gluing. This is the principle of origami.

In my childhood, later on for my children and now for my grandchildren the basket was and is the number one of our foldings :-). 

Gail from Oregon Coast thank you for supporting me in my translation.

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