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What is the handkerchief mouse?
Handkerchief Mouse on the Internet?
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What is the handkerchief mouse?
The handkerchief mouse is a nice folding with a handkerchief. It was well known in former times.

I relearnt how to make it with the help of a video film (URL below).

I show how to make the mouse through drawings on this page.

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You need a thin, squared handkerchief. 

Fold the handkerchief as shown in the first steps.
...... Fold the lower triangle upwards on the red line. 

... It must look like this. 

... Fold on the red lines.

... It must look like this. 

...... Fold the cloth upward as shown by the red lines.
Turn the figure over.

... It must look like this.

... Fold on the red lines, so that the ends touch each other. 

... It must look like this. 

... Cover the junction of the two ends with the two lappets. You form a torus.

It will look like this. Tuck the overlapping points upward into the center of the torus.

... If you turn the figure over, you see the rectangle. 

It is better to explain with free-hand drawings from now on. 

...... The torus looks like this from above. 

There are the two ends of the torus in the back covered by the flaps.

Roll the torus inwards over and over again. The front roll is getting thinner.

...... At last the torus is open below and two flaps emerge. 
You may have to pull on these points to loosen them.
It must look like this. 

Maybe you recognized that you rolled backwards compared with step 5.
The two free points now were the two points on the left and right in step 3.

...... With one of the flaps, tie a knot to form the head with two ears.

This is the mouse.

I also know the nice trick shown on the English pages below. I agree, children will be delighted. 
Place the mouse on the palm of your hand, and give it a knock with your fingers so it jumps away. By laying the other hand over it like you are petting the mouse, you cannot see the action.

Handkerchief Mouse on the Internet    top


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