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What is a paper heart basket? 
...Herzkörbchen offen... A heart basket consists of two slitted paper strips woven together. It looks as though the strips are inseparably combined, which of course would be impossible unless they had been cut and reattached.

How to make a heart basket top
...Die Papierstreifen...
First cut two paper strips from colored construction paper and round off the ends. The ratio of width to length should be about 1:3.5, e.g. 8 cm x 28 cm. Fold the strips in half and cut 3 slits through the folds, slightly longer than the width of the strip.

...Anfang vom Weben... Insert the strips alternately through the loops formed in the strips of the other piece.

...... Continue ... 

...Man webt weiter... ...and continue to weave...

...und weiter.... ...until all the strips have been inserted into each other. Now you can see why it's called a heart basket.

The basket works fine with a larger number of slits as well, but the weaving just takes a little longer.

...Herzkörbchen vor dem auseinanderfalten... If the work was done properly, the top and bottom halves of the basket can now be unfolded. You can use the basket to give somebody your heart...

Some mathematics top
...Körbchen als Geschenk... Topologically speaking, the paper strips are not "really" woven through each other. They cannot be combined as in the diagram on the left without being cut and reattached.

The construction depends on the fact that "merely" inserting the strips through each other results in as much strength as a true woven article. ...Weben der Streifen...

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KEB in Deutschland e. V.
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