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Sequence of Foldings
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What is a Magic Card?
...... The magic card or "never ending card" is a nice folding in the shape of a card, which you can open again and again. 
There are four different shapes during a cycle. 
It is easy to make.

How to Make it  top
Divide the rectangle 20cm x 10cm into 12 smaller rectangles.

...... ... Cut the rectangle in four equal pieces.

Go over the red lines with an empty pen. 
So you can fold the paper at the lines more easily later. 

...... Form two rectangles  into a U.

...... Fasten a U-piece on one rectangle with a paper clip as shown.

...... Fasten the same U-piece on the second rectangle in the same way. 

...... Fasten the second U-piece below.

...... Replace the paper clips with glue.
Be careful: Put glue only on the (virtual) corner squares.

...... The magic card is finished.

Sequence of  Foldings      top

Open the card at the double lines.

Öffne die Karte jeweils an den Doppellinien.
...... There are eight surfaces.
This is important to know for when you write on them.

One Piece Magic Card     top
Fernando Diaz Ziehl from Mexiko sent me the following template. 
>Print out the template. 
>Cut out the template, cut also along the black lines inside. 
>Fold as described.

You get the H shaped figure from above. If you like, you can also glue. 

Comments    top
About twenty years ago I got this card which advertised for the products of a famous cosmetic company. 
Last year I made a web page in German. I didn't feel right about it as I didn't know whether the magic card was protected by a copyright.
I called this folding a H-flexagon. 

Gerd Schenk sent me an email with a link to the video called "Memory Cross and Andy"  this month (February 2009). This led me to the web site 
Now I know the magic card is obviously free of a copyright. 

Gerd Schenk found another link to the German web site showing three-dimensional versions.
I also found the name magic card, which is more appropriate for this folding.

In the meantime (March 2010) I got to know the name Never Ending Card, and thus I found the way to many sites. 

Magic Card on the Internet     top


Memory Cross

Peter Dahmen
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Neverending Card - Endloskarte

Luise Gand    (Video bei Youtube)
Klappkarte/Endloskarte - kreativer Unterricht - Bastelanleitung

Peter Dahmen 
Endlose Liebe

Sabrina Batzel
Anleitung Endloskarte

Thank you Gail from Oregon Coast for supporting me in my translation.

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