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What is a Stereogram? 
A stereogram is a picture, which becomes three-dimensional, if you look at it in a certain way. 

I only explain how to make some stereograms, because there are already many sites available on the internet.

Stereo Pairs top
Stereo pairs are two pictures arranged next to each other. They give you two similar sights of an object as both human eyes do. 

Making of them: 
Draw two cubes side by side in perspective. Find the edges of the left cube by going 2 square sides to the right and 2 squares upwards from a corner of the front square. Go 3 to the right and 2 upwards for drawing the right cube.

Look at the left cube with the left eye and at the right cube with the right eye and then "through" the picture. Then the 3D-image of a cube appears in the center. The cubes outside become blurred.

I suggest to develop the pictures further. In addition you connect alternatively the cube corners, the centre point of an edge or centre point of a square. Nice pictures develop in spite of this primitive method. 

Here are two more stereograms of this type. They were drawn with Pbrush and stored as the type "monochrome bit-map", so that the yellow squares disappear. 

Developped further:
Unbelievable: The 3D-Effekt also occurs in freehand drawings on graph paper.

The following picture arise from repeating the cubes outside. 

The two right and the two left pairs are seen as plain pictures. Therefore the two ghost images are moved outward and don't disturb the 3D picture in the centre. (Hint by Helmut Bichler) 

You also can draw the two images in the clolours red/green and can seperate them while looking at with red-green-eyeglasses.

You also can use a "wall" to seperate the images. 

Then you need a binocular loupe because of the sharpness.

STEREOPTICS - Set of 18 stereooptics, 3D computer drawings
© 1981 ERTHings corp.

Stereo Wallpapers top
If you repeat a letter (or word) in a line for the same distances and change the distances in other lines, then a depth effect surprisingly appears. The larger the distance between the characters (words), the further back they will appear.

Small effort, large effect: 

You can produce both stereograms with the simple editor, that belongs to Windows. Each character takes the same space as with mechanical typewriters in former times.

Text from old days

Autostereograms top
In the 1990's autostereograms became popular. Surprisingly only one picture is  needed to give a 3D impression. In principle an autostereogram is a combination of stereo pair and stereo wallpaper

You need the depth map (julia.bmp) in grey colours and the coloured texture (marmor.bmp) for an autostereogram. They are "joined" with the help of the program.


You recognize the word "Julia" floating over a plain background with the stereo view. 


Paul (made with StereoMaker)

Greta (made with easystereogrambuilder, URL below) 

More on my German web pages  Stereobildpaare zeichnen and Körper aus 24 Magneten.

Stereograms on the Internet top


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Gareth and Peter's SIRDS pages


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