Figures made of 24 Bar Magnets
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3D Figures made of 24 Bar Magnets
3D Figures made of 12 Bar Magnets
Plane Figures made of 12 Bar Magnets
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When Alnico magnets came along years ago, I bought two sets of 12 bar magnets enough for two cubes.
The bar magnets were one of my grandchildren's favourite toy at all ages. Now they are older, and I asked some of them (8, 10, 13 years old) to build figures for my homepage. Conditions were, the figures must be symmetric and all 24 bar magnets must be used. They did it with much enthusiasm. I show their figures on this page as 3D pictures, because they are more clearly visible that way. 

3D Figures made of 24 Bar Magnets  top
So you must look at the following picture pairs with the 3D view. You look "through" the pictures in a relaxed way until you see three ones. The middle picture is three-dimensional and can be viewed at leisure. 

01 Boat


03 Tetrahedron with centre lines










13 Prism with centre lines

3D Figures made of 12 Bar Magnets    top

Plane Figures made of 12 Bar Magnets    top

What a pity. One ball is missing. But two cubes have 16 balls.

Here is the hexagon star made of 24 bar magnets.

My Addition   top
...... If the triangles are folded downwards and if the outer bar magnets form right-angled triangles, the result is a well-known Archimedean solid, the cuboctahedron.
This is the pair.

This raises the question of whether there are more figures with 24 edges known by name. I have found five more. 

Gyroelongated square bipyramid (Johnson 17)

Triangular orthobicupola (Johnson 27)

Truncated tetrahedron with three face diagonals

Octagon prism

Hexagonal antiprism

Four 3D figures

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